Are you considering a retirement home for yourself or your senior loved one? Maybe you’re debating whether you’d prefer an independent living seniors community such as Orchard Gardens over an assisted living home in Kelowna? Trying to find the right one for you may take some time, and even need you to gain a better understanding of your own needs and the needs of your senior loved one. You want to make the right decision which you both are happy with. 

The difference between assisted living and independent living for seniors:

To get started, do you know what the main differences are between assisted living and independent living? Assisted living is recommended for seniors who may need some assistance as they are not quite able to take care of themselves like they once used to. On the other hand, independent living is for seniors who are able to do most things by themselves, but also want to enjoy access to daily services and amenities offered at Orchard Gardens.

Here are 3 reasons why your senior loved one would prefer independent living over assisted living in Kelowna:

1. Daily services and amenities

A strong reason why many seniors love independent living is because they get to maintain their independence while they don’t have to worry about the small, tedious everyday tasks. Home maintenance is taken care of, and so is regular housekeeping and laundry services. There is also 24/7 staff and security available in case you ever need it.

2. On-site and off-site recreational activities

Since you have more time to yourself, there are many on-site and off-site services and activities you can enjoy at Orchard Gardens. Group recreational activities are organized by the recreation coordinators to ensure you always have something to keep you occupied.

3. Enjoy an active and social atmosphere

With independent living at Kelowna, you are in a very social and active environment. There are many people around for you to talk to and there is almost something going on every day for you to participate in. 

If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community that offers independent living in Kelowna, Orchard Gardens is here for you. Call 250-979-0600 or click here to book a tour at Kelowna’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.