Have you been trying to find the perfect time to move into a Kelowna retirement home? Although there are many factors that can contribute to you arriving at the decision to move from your current residence to an independent seniors community like Orchard Gardens, you will quickly realize that you are making the correct choice. As there are a variety of reasons that could make retirement living more attractive to you, figuring out the best time to move might be something that you need some time to think about. 

With that in mind, here are 4 benefits to a Fall move to a retirement home in Kelowna:

Moderate weather

Now that it is no longer Summer and Winter is still a few months away, this might be the best time to move. With climate change, you must have noticed that our Summers are hotter, making it a bad idea to exert yourself physically outdoors, especially if you are a senior. With Wintertime you have to worry about unsafe road conditions and wet, slippery sidewalks. These are a couple of the reasons that make the moderate weather in Fall the best time to move. 

Cheaper in cost

As Summer is known to be the peak season for moving companies, it will undoubtedly be more difficult to book your desired date and time as their availability is limited. With the longer days, summer is when a lot of families with children try to move as it is before school begins which increases demand and prices. The moving companies realize this and also price their services to match current demand, which is different during off-peak seasons such as the Fall.

Less competition with more choice

Not only are families trying to move during the Summer, but almost anyone that has the desire for a new space, as they usually want to take advantage of the longer summer days. Since there is not as much competition during the Fall, there will automatically be more of a choice for available for you to choose a retirement home in Kelowna.

Settle in before the holidays

Moving into a senior living community in either the month of September or October means that you will have ample time to settle into your new home and get accustomed to your new surroundings before the holiday season begins. You can also celebrate your move in a new environment by entertaining your friends and family at the private spaces at Orchard Gardens

If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community in Kelowna that offers a variety of recreational activities, Orchard Gardens is here for you. Call 250-979-0600 or click here to book a tour at Kelowna’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.