There are lots of things to consider when it comes to choosing a retirement community in Kelowna and, as one of British Columbia’s top places to retire, Kelowna has many seniors communities to choose from. If you’re trying to figure out which home is best for you, consider taking a tour and asking yourself the following questions.

1. Does this seniors community feel safe?

Safety, care, and comfort should be at the top of your list of priorities when looking for a seniors home. When looking around a senior home ask yourself: do I feel physically safe here? Are there safety precautions in place? Are there alarm systems? Grab bars?

Physical safety isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. Also take time to consider your emotional safety. Is this community a place you could feel safe about yourself? Are there like-minded people for you to connect with? Do the staff seem like they genuinely care about the residents?

2. What activities are available?

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your seniors community, so there should be plenty available for you to do! Take a look around and see if the community has an adequate recreational calendar and if they have fitness and hobby programs to suit your needs. Having something in your community that you enjoy will make a big difference in your ability to connect with others and feel at home.

3. Are residents friendly? My age? Happy?

You’re moving to a community to be in just that, a community. When taking a tour, take a look at the residents. Do they seem like people you could call friends? Consider talking to some of them. No one can tell you about this place better than the residents there! They’ll give you the best advice on whether or not this community is the right fit for you.

4. What amenities and services are available to me?

You want a retirement residence that will suit your unique needs. Make sure to ask about the amenities and services available at the residence. If you’re having trouble cooking for yourself, you’re going to want a place that offers three meals a day. If you’re looking for a place with additional care services, you may need to check and see if the residence offers assisted as well as independent seniors living. Your retirement home should suit your lifestyle so you’ll want to make sure that the rhythm and routine of the community matches yours.

5. Is it a place I could call home?

Last, but definitely not least, will you feel at home here. Trust your intuition on this one.

With all the factors that need to be considered when choosing the best retirement home for you, it’s important to take the time to explore, ask questions, and discuss your choices with friends and family. With the right community, you should be able to feel welcomed, safe, and right at home.

At Orchard Gardens Seniors Community we believe seniors deserve our very best, which is why our community offers a variety of amenities, services, and recreational activities designed for your comfort, safety, and enjoyment! For more information on independent living in Kelowna contact Orchard Gardens today and book a tour! Call 250.979.0600 or email