Choosing where you want to retire is not an easy task. There are a number of considerations you should think about when trying to find the best location for you. An ideal retirement location should have easy access to healthcare, plenty of recreational and cultural amenities, a manageable climate, and reasonable costs for everyday living. Maybe this is why, when it comes to retiring in BC, Kelowna is one of the top destinations. If you’re thinking about retiring in the Okanagan, we’ve got a few reasons that just might help sweeten the pot and help you take the leap.

The Weather is Top Notch

With some of Canada’s hottest summers and warmest winters, it’s no wonder Kelowna is a retirement “hot spot.” 

Nature All Around

Surrounded by show stopping nature, Kelowna is the perfect place to stay outside and stay active. With a ton of popular hiking, walking, and biking trails, golf courses, parks and lakes, Kelowna provides a multitude of easy access activities to help you enjoy the outdoors.

Easy Access to Healthcare

As one of the South Okanagan’s main cities, Kelowna is large enough to accommodate its own hospital. Plus, with its status as a retirement destination, Kelowna also features a number of senior caregiving services to help you retire and age comfortably and safely.

Close to an International Airport

The Kelowna international airport operates domestic and international flights, which means that you can easily visit with friends and family from further away.

 A Great Food and Drink Scene

Kelowna is growing, which means that more and more restaurants are popping up around town. Once you’re done enjoying a day outside in the sun, you can stop in one of the local delicious food options or enjoy a glass of wine in one of the Okanagan’s fabulous wineries!

Owned and operated by VRS Communities and located in the heart of Kelowna, Orchard Gardens is a fantastic seniors community offering independent living for Kelowna’s seniors. With access to Kelowna’s great amenities and a number of amazing amenities on site, Orchard Gardens Seniors Community is the perfect place to enjoy community, friendships, and healthy aging. 

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