Have you been trying to decide if living at a seniors retirement in Kelowna is the best decision for you or your senior loved one? Knowing the right questions to ask and doing your due diligence and research is key in finding the right retirement home. This will alleviate any concerns with moving into a Kelowna seniors retirement community and help you or your senior loved one adapt nicely to the new retirement lifestyle. 

Here are some reasons why living at a seniors retirement community in Kelowna may benefit your senior loved one:

More security and staff available to seniors

Your senior loved one does not have to worry about being alone at Orchard Gardens. There is 24/7 staff and security available onsite to ensure the residents are feeling secure and comfortable in their new surroundings. If there is ever an emergency or your senior loved one just wants to feel a bit more safe during the nights, you can rest assured that someone will be there to respond and check in on them. 

Accessibility and low maintenance environment at retirement home

One thing your senior loved one won’t miss once they are a resident at Orchard Gardens will be the peace of mind they will feel when they realize they don’t have to worry about any of the bigger chores they would have to do around the house to keep it maintained. They would also not have to worry about renovating their home to be more accessible if they need additional features to accommodate their safety and convenience. 

Retirement community activities and amenities to keep you occupied at Kelowna

The biggest benefit to living in a seniors retirement community is the organized recreation activities and social connection you get when you’re living at Orchard Gardens. The recreation coordinators organize activities that residents enjoy and benefit from. Most of the activities are also done in a social, group setting which will allow your senior loved one to connect with other residents in the retirement community.

If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community in Kelowna that offers a variety of recreational activities, Orchard Gardens is here for you. Call 250-979-0600 or click here to book a tour at Kelowna’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.