As we slowly head into the cooler months of the year, you or your senior loved one may be looking into affordable seniors housing in Kelowna. Depending on your age, you may feel like it is time for you to reduce the amount of responsibilities you have around the house. Since the cost of living has gone up for everybody, additional expenses such as property taxes, repairs, seasonal maintenance, yard upkeep, and interior and exterior upgrades will start to add up. Living at home also comes with other considerations such as safety, convenience of location, and social interactions. It’s important to consider everything when it comes to your retirement. 

Here is why older adults are looking into affordable seniors housing in Kelowna

Maintenance-free living

If you are wanting to finally stop worrying about those impending chores and maintenance that need to be done around the house, you might want to consider moving into Orchard Gardens. You won’t have to undergo the challenges of being a homeowner, such as fixing roof and water leaks, shovelling snow, appliances breaking down, or having to constantly take care of landscaping (especially in extreme temperatures!). When living at a retirement community, you won’t have to worry about any of these costs as they will be covered by the owner.

Building strong relationships

Living at home can sometimes be a bit isolating and lonely if you don’t have anyone to keep you company when you feel like you need a social interaction. If making new friends seems daunting and you don’t know how or where to get started, seniors housing allows many opportunities to engage with your fellow residents. You can find residents gathered in common areas throughout the property, or even approach them directly during a meal or recreation activity. 

A flexible lifestyle

Approaching the age of retirement can be exciting because it could mean that you will finally have time to do everything you’ve always wanted to do. That can mean different things for you, depending on your individual hobbies and interests. Sometimes that can mean finally having the time to read, workout, practice your painting, or even travel now that you are living at an affordable seniors housing community in Kelowna. You won’t even have to worry about dividing your responsibilities with your friends or family in order to make time for doing things you enjoy.

Living at a convenient location

While your home may be a reflection of who you are and what your previous needs once were, it’s important to understand that your priorities can change as you approach different stages of your life. Perhaps you no longer have to be located near a school and would much rather be close to your doctor or recreation centre. Living at a convenient location can be important if you want to be near like-minded people or be able to have easy access to medical services or grocery stores. Affordable seniors housing in Kelowna could be just what you need when it comes to choosing something convenient.

If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community in Kelowna that offers a variety of recreational activities, Orchard Gardens is here for you. Call 250-979-0600 or click here to book a tour at Kelowna’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.